Why A 1200 Calorie Meal Plan Is Not For You
Why A 1200 Calorie Meal Plan Is Not For You
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You must be frustrating day after day because your weight is constantly increasing and at the same time, to get rid of this weight gain…..

you usually surfing the internet constantly to find out a shortcut method.

Because you do not have time for six months or a year and you have no patience with a proper diet plan according to a specific routine…

and do not have time to make a healthy lifestyle by doing proper exercise everyday.

In the recent past you also have followed several types of shortcut methods and also used some “weight-loss” drugs available in the marketplace to lose weight.

I can guarantee with certainty that none of those methods came to your rescue to your weight-loss goal..

and you failed to lose weight rather they have done more harm than good to you.

After so much of that now you are thinking about to follow “1200 calorie meal plan” and peeking here and there seeing if its really works or not.

But the bottom line is this “1200 calorie meal plan” is not really for all of you. But don’t worry it is for good reasons…..

And I promise you I’m here to help you to come out from this complexity of concept.

So, after discussing with some established and reputed Dietician and some self-research i came to realize that “1200 cal meal plan” is not applicable for those who fall in Obese Class I,II,III
(usually who weigh beyond 210lb). Check out this calculator to know in which category you fall.(provided by www.calculator.net).

But if you fall into overweight (weight between 175-209 lb) category then I highly recommend you to follow this method of diet plan……..

and also recommend you to do exercise during morning for at least 6-12months if you are a dedicated woman/man to lose weight.

And for those who are at obese (class I,II,III) I will highly recommend you that please consult with a Dietician and follow the diet plan she/he recommends to you and do exercise on a continuous basis.

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And for a overweight person I suggest you to click here to find out an easy “1200 calorie meal plan” proudly shared by Victoria Seaver from www.eatingwell.com for your daily life.

But always keep in mind one thing that do not follow these plans for just 7 days or 30 days only because then there is the possibility to gain weight again. Use this plan for at least 3 months and of course do exercise in a certain time in your daily life.

After 3 months of dedication, see how much weight you have reduced and follow this plan until you have reached your desired weight.

There is one more thing to say in our life if there exists any “short-term gain/success” it’s never constant If we want to gain something from our heart we all need only three things..

Dedication-Sacrifice-Discipline. So keep a distance from those “7-Days/30-Days plan” . I think you get it what i want to tell you.

Of course don’t forget to inform which way you want to follow a shortcut or a long-term dedicated process and do share your story of weight-loss success…

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